About Us

We review user generated content for customers to remove inappropriate content. Our company also provides email/ live chat customer support. We are a California LLC which was registered in 2008. Our offices are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Delhi and Bangalore. These multiple locations allow redundancy and back-up. The US office provides project management and local support to make it very convenient for customers. You get the best of both worlds with convenient local support and overseas outsourced pricing. We work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Executive Profiles

Sukesh Mohan

Sukesh joined El Camino in January 2010. He focuses his time on business development and the company’s roadmap. He has over 20 years of management experience in software and semiconductors. Prior to El Camino he was Director of Product Management at Applied Materials, Inc. Applied is the leading semiconductor equipment manufacturer. In February 2015, Sukesh was appointed to the Board of Directors of Amtech Systems, Inc. Amtech is publicly traded on NASDAQ (symbol ASYS). Amtech manufactures equipment for solar cell and semiconductor device manufacturing. He has an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh and a B. Tech from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

Monita Mohan

Monita Mohan is Head of Project Delivery and Solutions at El Camino. She started as its first moderator and has over 10 years experience in moderation of user generated content and email customer support. Since then she has been instrumental in the company’s growth. She started her career at Arthur Anderson Western Legal Center, Chandler, AZ. Monita Mohan has a MA in International Relations from Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand and a BA in Political Science from the same college.